This is the blog of writer and journalist Abubakar Adam Ibrahim, author of The Whispering Trees (Parresia Publishers, 2012) and a 2013 Gabriel Garcia Marquez Fellow. He shares his arts and culture journalism here, sometimes, and perhaps thoughts on other things that move him


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  1. Yane K. says:

    Thanks for paying tribute to the children killed in Mamudo as well as children enduring heinous violence at the hands of vile humans. Like you my heart has been grieving for those killed and the depth of the anger i feel that nothing has been done to avenge them, knows no bounds. Helplessness is the shroud i find at the end of this tunnel. Helplessness at being powerless to stop things like this from happening again and hopelessness that those that have the power may be blind and deaf. Perhaps journalists like you can immortalize these children by posting an article with their photos (names not necessary especially if their families fear retaliation) as a way of honoring them for their innocence in this senseless orgy.

    • Thanks, Yane. It is a tragedy, like so many others, that we all shouldn’t be in a hurry to forget. The problem was compounded by the fact that internet and mobile phone services in the area this thing happened was shut down, which made it difficult for information to flow out. Journalists didn’t have full access to the area as a result of military operations but yes, something should be done for these children regardless.

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