Book Talk

First published on Daily Trust, July 10, 2016


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  1. While I was in my early teens, I was taken to a spectacular bookfair by a mother of the friend. Looking at the luxury of the glowsy books after books by different authors across the globe by men and women that were been trying to answer questions Shakespeare, Charles Dickens,William Proust….and many others try to launch answers till the end of their last days, I glimpse at the book written by one of the best English writers of all time Charles Dickens’ “The Great Expectations” . Since then I have been crouching on the floor and ground of literature from England to Egypt. But, one of the saddest thing that made me to clinch my lawn chair about ANA National Body on the above case is the potray of how Nigerians are when it come to Money. I have several stories like this regarding writers associations money fraud. But, as Hausawa say “A Bar Kaza Cikin Gashinta”. Allah ya sawwa`ke.

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