Q&A with author and Africa Writes guest Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

My Interview with Emma Shercliff for Africa in Words. Enjoy!

africa_writes_logo_300w_blkIn advance of Africa Writes 2015, festival guest Abubakar Adam Ibrahim talks to AiW author Emma Shercliff about love, romance and the gendered nature of reading and writing in Northern Nigeria.

Abubakar Adam Ibrahim will appear in two events during the festival: African Books to Inspire and Romance in the Digital Age.  He will also feature in a discussion about the Valentine’s Day Anthology (Ankara Press) as part of the Africa in Translation event on Friday 3rd July.

Abubakar Adam Ibrahim is the author of the short story collection The Whispering Trees (2012, Parrésia Publishers).  His debut novel Season of Crimson Blossoms will be published by Parrésia Publishers in Nigeria in 2015 and by Cassava Republic Press (UK) in 2016.

“The North of Nigeria is severely under-represented in the body of Nigerian literature. You know, it’s a huge population and for this part not to have its story told…

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