Interrupted Reverie


(For the Chibok Girls, one year on)

I am Chibok

I am 276, and the unaccounted others

I am a distraught father, a slaughtered son, a stolen girl.

I am a promise,

A tainted dream, a voice echoing from the void:

Bring me home, father

I was gilded once

A princess adorned by Mama’s love,

reclining in her proud bosom

I am now

the dreary ghost of yesterday

I am now

tomorrow dying today

I am frail;

battered, tattered, shattered,

 but I will not die, I refuse to

For when I was conceived,

you wrapped me in fluffy love

and in eternal embrace

 bound me to your heartbeat and called me




an interrupted reverie,

call to you from the precipice of forgetting,

Bring me home.

Bring me to mama’s embrace.


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