Now that We Have a Committee to Rescue Our Girls

Now that we have a committee to rescue our girls at least we should know what to expect. So here I have summarised it for you:
The committee would most likely have geographic spread with members drawn from the six geo-political zone and different constituencies of all sorts. This is now a national project, abi? So there has to be adequate representation. The idea is to spread the windfall.
Members of the committee will be paid chunky allowances. Don’t be surprised if a single member gets enough allowance to sponsor all of these 276 girls to the university.
The committee will have an office in one of those highbrow areas of Abuja so far removed from Sambisa or from Borno so that their deliberations are not disturbed by the wails of the parents and the thunder of gunshots.
The committee members will have luxury vehicles at their disposal to facilitate their movements, or something like that. Don’t expect them to be “rescuing” girls in average vehicles. I mean, this is a presidential committee on a matter of national embarrassment.
At the end of their term, the committee will request for an extension so they will enjoy more of the perks that come with being on such a committee. That is only natural because they will spend the first few weeks of their assignment deliberating on how much they should get for lunch and what sort of BMW bullet-proof vehicles should be procured for them or how there was no caviar in their dinner the previous night.
The committee will eventually present a report that the President will set up another committee to study and make recommendations. That way those who missed out on the first committee will get their chance.
At the end of it all, the only girls that this committee will rescue will be the high-end runs girls who will provide invaluable services to the committee members in the comfort of Abuja’s luxurious hotels, in return for their share of the national cake of course, while the real girls of Chibok continue to be sold off for N2, 000 or continue to die.
That is how government by committees are run. So now you know. Shikenan. #bringbackourgirls


5 thoughts on “Now that We Have a Committee to Rescue Our Girls

  1. You break my heart everytime and I don’t mean in the same way that this country breaks our hearts. It’s your barely veiled anger, the way you express this hopelessness and helplessness we all feel. Don’t stop speaking out even though it may seem like nothing’s happening. Somehow, somewhere, someway, it counts.

    • Thanks, Pearl. My country has a way of beating the optimism out of me. I am tired. This is not the way things should be. We shouldn’t be ranting all the time for God’s sake.

  2. Abubakar, usually that is how it works. But I would really be surprised if this matter is considered by those involved as business as usual. I pray not.

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